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Cash for Structured Settlements

When a person is injured by another person either physically or emotionally, the injured party may file a settlement lawsuit against the latter. Once the court decides in favor of the plaintiff, the court will require the defendant to pay a certain amount of cash for settlement to the injured party. This cash settlement may be paid either through a lump sum money or through structured settlements. Usually, the cash for structured settlement payments is more preferred by many individuals, because they are like an annuity or a type of life insurance, which may serve as a regular income. Moreover, structured settlements are more advantageous when it comes to paying taxes. Since these usually come in smaller amounts of money, the tax are also generally smaller compared to the tax for lump sum money. In fact, there are instances that the structured settlements are not taxed at all.

However, because it usually takes quite long before the case is finally decided by the court, there are times when the plaintiffs will face certain financial difficulties in the middle of a lawsuit. These plaintiffs will need a certain amount of money to shoulder their finances. And because most of the time, they cannot get a permanent job due to medical reasons, they may face some financial challenges that will leave them no choice but to get advance cash settlement. Advance cash settlements are also known as settlement loans, which are offered to individuals, especially the injured party or plaintiffs of a pending settlement lawsuit. These are very helpful alternatives for the plaintiffs to get money in advance while they are still waiting for the court’s final decision. (more…)

Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

When the defendant and his lawyers come to a decision that the lawsuit case filed against the defendant is strong, most of the time, they decide to offer cash for settlement to the claimant in structured payout schedule. However, if the claimant is not amenable to periodic payments, he may opt to apply for cash for structured settlement payment.

A pre settlement litigation funding falls under “non-recourse” loans, since the claimant will not be responsible to pay the advance cash awarded to him in case he is unsuccessful in the lawsuit. However, he may be responsible to recompense a percentage of the amount in case the settlement asked for is smaller than deemed necessary.

Fees and Charges

Because non-recourse funding can be very risky, more often than not, the fees and charges associated when claimants sell structured insurance settlement are considerably high. Therefore, when planning to apply for pre settlement money, it’s crucial to make certain that one thinks and assesses carefully the various legal, ethical, as well as practical issues that come with it. (more…)

Lawsuit Settlement Cash

If you want to learn about cash settlement and the process in cashing it out in advance, this article will be of great assistance to you. When you file a claim via a tort suit for cash or money and the defendant and his lawyer deem that the case may go against them, they will file for structured settlements. This delineates that they will not recompense you a lump sum of money and instead they can opt to pay you with installments of lawsuit settlement cash over definite periods of time until the agreed upon amount has been paid out completely.

This payment plan is structured since the payouts have to comply with specific structure such as predetermined amount of money reimbursed periodically. The term is also predefined by the judge or court in an agreement executed by both parties. This is considered as a settlement for the reason that the claimant concurs to let go of the case in return for such sum of money paid from time to time.

Why Structured Settlements?

Defendants prefer to offer structured cash for settlement for a variety of reasons. The most popular of all is that the defendant does not have the money to pay out a lump sum to the plaintiff or the defendant believes that the court may deem the amount of money to be much higher than what is actually being asked for. The most frequent reason is that structured settlement payments must be met by the insurance provider of the claimant. (more…)